Our Location

Savaii Lagoon Resort is situated in the village of Fagamalo on the north eastern coast of the larger island of Savaii, about a 45 minute drive from the ferry terminal at Salelologa.

Samoa is comprised of two relatively large islands, Upolu and Savaii (which account for approximately 96% of the total land area) and eight smaller islands.

You will fly into Samoa's international airport on the Island of Upolu.  From there your journey will take you to Savaii. 

How to get to Savaii Lagoon Resort

There are three short legs in the journey to Savaii Lagoon Resort from the airport.

Part 1: From Samoa 's International Airport to the ferry terminal

Transfers are simple as taxi fares are inexpensive. There are also regular bus services at an amazingly cheap price. From the airport at Faleolo on Upolu , the main island, to the ferry for Savaii, the taxi fare is around SAT $15.00 to $20.00 (NZD$1.00= approx SAT$1.80). This journey only takes a few minutes.

Part 2: The ferry ride to Savaii Island

The ferry runs to and from Upolu and Savaii every 2 hours commencing at 6 a.m. with the last ferry at 4 p.m. As Sundays and Tuesdays are different, if you are going to the resort straight from the airport, it is advisable to check your Jasons Guide to Samoa or email us for confirmation or check out the ferry schedule which changes each month - www.samoashipping.com/domesticsailing_schedule.htm.  

The ferries can be a little unreliable especially on Public holidays. The cost is SAT$12.00 (NZD $7.00) per person and the journey takes about 1.15 hrs.

Part 3: From the ferry terminal to Savaii Lagoon Resort

At the terminal on Savaii , a bus service meets the ferry. The drivers are most helpful and will direct you to the correct bus. The fare for this is around SAT$5.00, (NZD $3.00) per person. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi at the ferry terminal when you arrive on Savaii. It is advisable to agree on the rate before you commence your journey which takes approx. 40 minutes.