About Samoa

Discover Samoa, the Pacific's best kept secret!

The 'Treasured Islands' of Samoa are the crowning jewels of the South Pacific. Surrounded by the warm crystal clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, here travellers will find islands blessed with natural beauty, a tropical paradise where the environment is pristine, the people friendly and hospitable and a living culture treasured by all. You will be humbled by the simple and happy lifestyle of the Samoan people.

Samoa 's population is approximately 170,000. Samoans are the most populous full-blooded Polynesian race in the world.

Samoa is comprised of two relatively large islands, Upolu and Savaii (which account for approximately 96% of the total land area) and eight smaller islands. The capital Apia and Faleolo International Airport are located on the island of Upolu . Total land area is 2934 sq km. The islands are volcanic and dominated by rugged mountain ranges with a fringe of coral reefs and lagoons which surround the islands.

Samoa is one of the most politically stable and safe countries in the world. It is an inexpensive destination for holidays and is unspoiled by commercialism. You will be charmed by the humble and happy lifestyle of the Samoan people

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Upolu and Savaii


Upolu is the most populated island with the capital of Apia located on the north coast, and Faleolo International Airport and Mulifanua Wharf to the west. Apia is a bustling township blending old colonial and modern architecture. Excellent restaurants and cybercafés can be found on and around the main street, Beach Road alongside the traditional marketplace, where beautiful handcrafts and fresh fruit and vegetables can be purchased.


Savaii is the largest island at 662 square miles and has the most fascinating landscape. With more than 200 volcanic craters, crater forests, gorges, blowholes and waterfalls and a rugged mountainous interior, Savaii is an adventurer's dream.

Flora and Fauna

Samoa 's tropical climate and fertile soils offer a wide range of flora from tropical rainforests to scrublands, marshes and swamps. Animal species include flying foxes, land and sea birds, skinks and geckos. In the surrounding ocean, dolphins, whales and porpoises migrate through Samoa 's waters, while turtles are regular visitors to our islands. The surrounding reefs around the islands are home to some 900 fish species and over 200 varieties of coral.