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At Savaii Lagoon     Resort we installed a UV filtration system to ensure that our water is safe for you to drink. So there's no need for excessive purchasing of bottled water, not to mention the cost to the environment!

                                                                                                    As a commitment to the local economy and the health and well being of the surrounding community, we make this water available at no charge to all the villagers and to anyone who wishes to use this water. As a result we are told that since this has been made available there has been a reduction in sickness amongst the young and elderly.

Our Lagoon is home to many species of tropical fish, coral, crustacea and turtles. In order to help protect and preserve this delicate ecosystem of marine wild life, we boast a septic waste system second to none in Savaii.



Local Community Commitment

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Emergency number for the resort in Samoa +68554168.  Please do not use for reservations as you will be directed back to our Reservations Manager above. 

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