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We wish to announce the launching of our Glass Bottom Boat, which operates within the lagoon where Savaii Lagoon Resort is situated.  The boat is the only glass bottom boat in Samoa and is equipped to take 15 passengers and 2 crew and will have 1 or 2 trips daily, excluding Sundays, dependent on times of high tides and weather conditions.  The trips will take place only either side of high tide to ensure that no damage is done to the delicate  ecosystem. 

The marine life and coral can be clearly viewed from the glass panels.  It is an excellent way in which to view the Coral gardens in the lagoon especially for those who are reticent in snorkeling out to that distance.  The colourful fish and the coral, especially the brain coral, has to be seen to be believed.  You could be fortunate to see a turtle swimming past the glass bottom  panels.

Corals feed on small drifting animals and also receive nutrients provided by the algae which lives within their tissues. The life span of the largest brain corals is said to be 900 years. 

There are significant threats to the world's coral reefs but many people are rarely aware of the form those threats take. Some corals grow only about a quarter of an inch a year, thereby any damage will take the coral communities years to recover. It is most important that we do all we can to protect the coral reefs of our world.  These trips into our lagoon will hopefully raise awareness of the necessity of conservation so that generations to come may also enjoy and appreciate. 

Savaii Lagoon Resort septic system is second to none. It is the only resort in Samoa which has an evapo-transpiration system which prevents any septic leakage into the lagoon where the resort is situated. Savaii Lagoon affords immense consideration to the ecology and environment of the beautiful lagoon surrounding the resort.

 Charges for a trip on the Glass Bottom Boat are 40 tala for adults and 20 tala for children aged 3 years to 12 years to be paid at the resort's reception on booking.  A donation is made to the village from each booking and so cash payment is requested.  




The following is a review on the Samoa forums about the reviewer's Glass Bottom Boat experience.

Re: Exciting news from Savaii Lagoon Resort

Jun 05, 2012, 11:50 PM

I have just returned from Savaii Lagoon Resort and was lucky enough to be invited out on one of the trial runs on the new glass bottom boat. It was wonderful and a fantastic addition to the resort. Boat was easy to get on and off, comfortable and the coral viewing was amazing. Biggest brain corals I have ever seen! I am short-sighted, own a prescription mask for snorkelling, but had inadvertently left it home, so it was great to be able to see the reef and corals in all their glory! Great idea Savaii Lagoon Resort, hope it goes well for you!

And in a private email

Hi Bruce and Margaret, Murray and I have just returned from your beautiful island resort. We both had a great time and both think this is the best holiday we have had. Soo relaxing in a very beautiful part of the world. Everyone was very friendly and being a smaller resort it was more relaxed. The water and the coral so close in was amazing, the glass bottom boat was fantastic, we saw a turtle swimming in the wild. Overall, I just wanted you to know what an amazing place you have. Thank you. Kind regards, Donna


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Savaii Lagoon Resort practises sustainability

Savaii Lagoon Resort septic system is second to none.  It is the only resort in Samoa which has an evapo-transpiration system which prevents any septic leakage into the lagoon where the resort is situated.  Savaii Lagoon affords immense consideration to the ecology and environment of the beautiful lagoon surrounding the resort.

Our Commitment to our Guests and the Local Community

The Resort has installed a UV filter to ensure that all water is safe to drink.
We make this water available at no charge to all the villagers and to anyone who wishes to use this water.
We are told that there is not as much sickness amongst the young and elderly as a result.

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