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All your questions should be answered on the website, so it would be helpful if you could read through before contacting us, but if you do wish any further information please send us an email anytime,  savaii.lagoon@xtra.co.nz  

New Zealand

All Reservation enquiries to

 Reservations manager
Email: savaii.lagoon@xtra.co.nz


For Marketing and Product only (not for reservations)

Margaret McCallum
Managing Director

Email: savaiilagoonadmin@xtra.co.nz

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Contact Details

All Reservation Enquiries

Reservations manager: Tracy 

Please note that the website is up to date so all current availability is shown.

Emergency number for the resort in Samoa +68554168.  Please do not use for reservations as you will be directed back to our Reservations Manager above. 

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